UFC Fight Night 157

Our flight to Laos was at 6am the morning after the fight. It was a crazy morning getting ready to check out because we had a crazy night just hours before. Fight day was pretty normal until the actual fight had happened. In the first round of the fight about 2 minutes in, I had dislocated my pinky finger blocking a kick. This was something that has never happened to me before. As the fight went on i realized that i couldn’t close my fist and that’s when I knew I had to finish the rest of the fight with one hand. That meant I had to fight another 2 ½ rounds with one hand, a total of 13 minutes. I fought my best and I finished the fight. I lost in a unanimous  decision.


After the fight, I was driven to the hospital with Jamie. At first it was pretty smooth. We had got escorted out of the building into a private van. The drive was about 10 minutes which made it an easy commute. Once we arrived, they brought me a wheelchair and I went straight to the x ray room. I was thinking, “if only all emergency visits to the hospital can be like this”.  No crazy wait, just VIP service. It was pretty much downhill from there. Let me explain.


Although the UFC translator tried her best to accompany two americans that spoke none of the chinese language, I must say that I did not have a good experience there. Of Course I was sore, my face was busted up pretty bad, but the reason I was there was to have my broken finger checked. Jamie made sure I got an MRI because I did take a lot of heavy shots to the head in the last round. Its unusual I took that much damage to the head, but then again i couldn’t block on my left side. She knows that I am too tough for my own good. Everything with my head turned out normal.


After X Rays and trying to figure out what the doctors and nurses were saying, they finally took me out of the wheel chair and laid me on the hospital bed. There is more talking and i have no idea what anyone is saying. The main doctor then walked in and looked at me very serious. He suddenly grabbed my hand unexpectedly and attempted to put my pinky finger back into place with no warning. I jumped, pulled my finger away and was like WHAO, WHAO, YO, NO!!! He looked at me so serious and yelled at me in Chinese. The translator told Jamie that he was putting it back in place.I was holding my finger and just started crying for some reason. All the emotions built up and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I lost the fight, Made half a paycheck, I’m going to Laos in a couple hours with my face dismantled, miss my damn kids, and now this guy grabbing my dangling finger out of nowhere. Man I was feeling low for a moment. 


When the doctor and nurses saw I was crying a lil bit, they just looked at me, stared, and laughed. They must’ve thought it was funny seeing a grown ass man cry and tear up. They thought that I was crying because I was afraid of the doctor putting my finger back in. Yes that had a little part of it. I mean just the thought of it at the moment scared me a little. I was picturing it in my head and imagined it would be painful. As for The other reasons I was emotional, they would never understand. They would never know how much time,money, and energy I spent in this camp preparing for this fight. I was willing to go to a country I’ve never been before, there for 3 weeks by myself, and fight against their home-town favorite. The sacrifices I made to be away from my family, the two a day training sessions….it all takes a toll on me! Not to mention the financial losses I took all to come up short on the day that counts most.

What sucks even more is that I was feeling so good for this fight. I really believed that I was going to win the fight. I really believed that I was the better fighter. I was mentally and physically prepared with my confidence higher than ever. But I was dealt with a certain hand of cards in the actual fight that I couldn’t capitalize on. I am a competitor and I do not like losing one bit. I HATE IT. But the only way to bounce back and learn from a loss, is move forward and keep on working.

I gave the doctor my hand and he put my finger back into place. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would’ve been. The nurses were still chuckling and i couldn’t help but laugh with them. I did a final xray to make sure the bones were aligned. No broken bones, just dislocated with some ligament tears. Healing process has begun! Stay Tuned! – AS

UFC Fight Night 157
UFC Fight Night 157