Thank You

Why do I fight? I use to think that I fight for the glory. The feeling of getting my hand raised knowing that I beat another man in a fair fight, hand to hand combat, skill against skill and will against will, is a great feeling. Not to mention the crowd going wild and celebrating my victory with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on the other shit end of the stick and losing is not a good feeling. It is actually really depressing being the person that got beat. But Some people deserve to lose. They deserve to lose because they didn’t train hard enough, they deserved to lose because winning just wasn’t that important to them. Well if you have a loser’s mentality, than you deserved to lose. I on the other hand don’t.

But after winning my first professional MMA Title that I worked my ass off for, I’ve come to a big  realization. I’m not just doing this for the glory, I’m not just doing this for a feeling. No. It is much more than that. I’m doing this for a legacy. I am on the path of building a legacy. I’m here to make history. My legacy will reflect on my name, my wife, my kids, my grand kids, my family, my friends, my fans, my PEOPLE. My people give me so much love. So much love i don’t know how to repay back. I feel like the only way to pay it back is to keep succeeding, keep winning, keep pushing through it. You guys give me motivation, inspiration, and strength. Although there are so many people behind me now, I still know and recognize every single one of you. And I don’t forget. I will never forget the love and support. Thank You.

I am not done. This title is great, but it’s probably 10% of what i want to accomplish in my career. I am trying to make history man. But other than fighting I work just like any other hard working father. I necessarily don’t have too, but I do. I want too.I want a good future for my kids. I want my future wife to be happy and proud. And depending on money from just my fighting just won’t cut it. Atleast not now. But after all that’s done, all this training, all this work in the office, hustling, it’s time man. 24 hours is just not enough in a day. Its tough balancing a full time job, maintaining myself as an athlete, and being a good father and husband. But we have the power to choose our lives, and this is the way I decided to live mine… at least for now.

I just want to thank everyone once again for coming out and giving that crazy energy. I felt All kinds of energy from you guys that night. I felt love, I felt emotion, I felt passion, I felt hate, I felt people coming together. Big thank you to my sponsors and everyone that chipped in to make my life a little easier during preparation for this fight. Big thanks to my teammates and coaches over at the Blackzilians Camp. Big thanks to Jamie Thompson who holds it down for me every single time. One day I’ll be able to repay you for all the lost times, understanding, and patience. I love you.


  • Andre Soukhamthath