Jordan “Pretty Boy” Parsons

As many of you know my team and I lost a brother a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to finish this blog dedicated to my late friend, teammate, brother, Jordan “Pretty Boy” Parsons. Since his memorial service was this past Saturday, there’s no reason or excuse for me not to finish this blog I’ve been meaning to finish.

Jordan lost his life in a tragic way. I am however, not writing this blog with any intentions of how he lost his life, but how he lived it. Jordan was full of smiles every day. You can go back and look at all the photos he ever took, and very rarely does he not have that big smile of his in every picture. Although I’ve only known Jordan for a short amount of time, I can assure you that he loved his life and what he did for a living.

Jordan enjoyed living his life and chasing his dream. He backed it up with going to practice 2 or 3 times a day. He did everything real, whether it was wrestling, kickboxing, conditioning, or stretching. No matter how tired and exhausted he was, he never took the easy way out. The man was a hard worker, and never complained about any of it.

Jordan always went out of his way to help me improve my game. He was always honest with me and never let me stop drilling until the technique was right. When I finally got the technique right, it was his turn. Jordan drilled HARD. I will also add the fact that I was quite smaller than him which made it worse for me. Ha ha – man did I hate drilling with him sometimes.

Now I sit back and realize I’ll never have that opportunity to spar, roll, and drill with him again. I’m sure that all my brothers at the Blackzilians would agree, we’d give anything to have him punch us in the face again.

When Jordan was fighting for his life after the tragic accident happened, everyone came together. I knew right then and there that Jordan had touched so many lives in the short time that he was living here in South Florida.

We were able to meet his friends and family from back home that flew in to see him. We also got to meet his mother and father. They were all so nice and it was a pleasure meeting every single one of them, his mother especially. She is a sweet woman with a strong personality, just like Jordan. We all then and there saw where he got it from.

It was an honor sharing the mats with such a hardworking, driven individual. I’m sure anyone who’s ever trained with him would agree. It’s not the same without you bro. We will never forget you. No matter how much time passes by, just know that you have inspired me and many others to chase and LOVE our dreams as much as you did. Thanks to you, I realize that I am blessed every time I step on the mats. I now appreciate my coaches and teammates so much more. I will never take training for granted and I will always perform to the best of my abilities, just like you would of.  Thank You for being a part of my life.

Jordan “Pretty Boy” Parsons

8/26/90 – 5/4/16